Turf Installation

At Garden Turf World we use garden turf to create high-quality lawns and beautiful gardens in the South-East of England. Our turf laying is ideal for commercial or domestic properties. Our professional landscapers will use innovative equipment to ensure that the turf laying process is as smooth and quick as possible, for minimum disruption. We are able to complete projects of any size – from large commercial properties to home gardens. Whether you are a homeowner, tenant or contractor, your lawn is the centrepiece of your garden and we will help you keep it in excellent condition.


South-East England’s finest quality lawn laying service

We offer two types of laying services – collaborated turf laying and full turf laying.


Collaborated turf laying

Are you worried about the appearance of your lawn? If you have already prepared your garden to receive turf, but are not experienced in turf laying, or you simply don’t have time to finish the job, we will quote to supply and lay on your prepared site at a discount rate.

Full turf laying

Our full turf laying service involves clearing your site, cultivating to the appropriate depth, grading and compressing the soil that will receive the turf. This service also includes waste disposal through our registered waste disposal transfer structure. Once these steps are completed, our experts will lay our high-quality turf on your property. Whether you have a small or large garden, we will customise the area and turn your tired old lawn into a beautiful and inviting green space for you to enjoy.



 Once the turf laying is completed, our experts will advise you on how to take proper care of the new grass. It’s really important to water regularly during the first weeks so that the turf remains moist. Refrain from walking on the turf for the first few days.

Why choose us

 Our experts can help you with every aspect of choosing, fitting and maintaining your new lawn. Whether you are a busy landscaper or you simply care for your family garden, we are here to help you create your ideal garden at competitive rates.

About Garden Turf World

Here at Garden Turf World the staff all strive to offer perfection. It’s a tough ethos but we're up for the challenge.

We have over 30 years experience in turf and landscaping. Over time our team have been involved in all sorts of small and large contracts within the industry.

We can offer large direct loads or smaller orders throughout the southeast, no matter how small we can deliver direct to site when you need it.

We understand the pressures contractors are under to produce great projects on time and on budget, we’re here to help ensure that your turf supplies are the same, on time and in budget and uncompromising quality be it one or one thousand metres

Our retail section offers the same quality products and services to the DIY project giving great advice ....help with calculations installation guides and just general guidance ensuring your new lawn looks good wears well and lasts.

Our team will strive to say yes when others simply just say no.

We simply live and breathe Turf it's in our blood so if you need Turf talk to us today



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